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A big part of building a successful website or designing a stunning catalogue these days will surely be having high-quality and professional product photography. Especially if you’re running an ecommerce website and trying to sell your product online.

One of the photography masters once said: before you learn how to shoot an object, you need to learn how to see it, that’s quite challenging for a new commercial photographer or videography, especially with the simples designed product that almost has no beauty points that even professional will trained ones, but high quality product and commercial photography doesn’t have to be expensive as it appears to be, sometimes doing simples things in a smart way gets much better results than going for the complexity.


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Why freelance photographer - videographer?

Well, according to the super long list of clients who prefer to go for freelance photographer that in addition to the huge cost saving comparing to working with agencies, the clients love the fact that a freelance photographer could be available for shooting 24/7 most of the time, ready to get involved any moment, much faster when it comes to edit and delivery, and at the end, a freelance photographer/videographer will definitely offer the same work quality, or even higher sometimes…



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